Estee Lauder The Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm Review.

The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm is a lightweight balm that cleanses skin, and is easily removed by emulsifying with water.

In many ways, this is like a solid cleansing oil, and is perfect for those who are transitioning from using cleansing oil to a cleansing balm.

The product comes in a flat jar, and you can scoop out its contents with any spatula you have on hand, if you’re the sqeamish sort, or use your fingers like I do, if you aren’t. You don’t need very much because once you warm it up between your palms, it softens and turns into a texture approximating a thick oil.

The balm smooths onto the skin without dragging and melts onto makeup removing it all delicately and smoothly. On mixing with water, a milky lotion comes into play and cleanses skin perfectly.

The cleanser removes makeup, dirt and all grease from skin. All my makeup is gone and there is no pores. With a cloth and the water it rinsed off and removes every trace of makeup and dirt.

After use my skin is clean, vibrant and balanced. There is no over dry skin or residue. My skin feels smooth, soft and moisturised.

Like a cleansing oil, remember to use it on dry skin and dry hands. This is because, like a cleansing oil, this one will emulsify on contact with water, and you can then rinse it off as you do a cleansing oil.

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