Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask Review

Lauder revamped their core cleansers and toners, and this one for oily skin is said to do double-duty as a facial mask. Although you can use this foaming cleanser as a mask, the formula isn’t as good as any of the oil-absorbing masks we recommend.

As a cleanser or a mask, though, this product is potentially too drying, especially if you leave it on skin as a mask which would be a mistake. It contains soap-like cleansing agents and a high amount of potassium hydroxide (that’s lye) along with absorbent clays, which aren’t the best for removing makeup or using around the eyes.

This will cleanse your skin, but not “perfectly” as it cleanses almost too well, and just because skin is oily doesn’t mean you need to over-cleanse it with a drying product. Doing so can cause irritation that stimulates more oil production, making matters worse.

The creamy formula foams quickly to form a foamy cleanser that gently removes makeup and other impurities without drying out. Clear the pores. Keep skin healthy, fresh and glowing.

How to use: 

as your daily cleanser, use AM and PM. Massage gently over wet skin, then rinse off. As a purifying mask, use twice a week or as needed. Massage over dry skin. Wait three minutes and rinse. Avoid eye area.

  • Works for all skin types; ideal for normal/combination skin.

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