Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Serum Rapid Brightening Treatment Review

It is a light, easy to apply serum containing 2% stable vitamin C (ascorbate glucoside).

It feels richer when used because of the esters it contains, but absorbs quickly and does not leave any residue, resulting in a clean, non-greasy finish. The skin feels moisturized and looks natural.

With its unique brightening active substance complex, which includes 98.8% of the effective natural derived starter and vitamin C.

It helps to eliminate dark cycles and uses powerful antioxidants to prevent future dark spots from appearing and helps to enhance undeniable clarity and internal light.

It contains a large amount of moisturizers to provide long-lasting moisture, and offers a variety of active ingredients in a similar way to Advanced Night Repair, and its newer version also contains vitamin C.

Vitamin C (also the stable version) is a very powerful antioxidant. Have the ability to supplement collagen, can reduce pigment spots.

Quick Lighten Care’s quick-absorbing formula helps smooth out skin textures and enhances the natural glow of glowing skin.

This FermentĀ²+ Vitamin C serum is an anti-irritant and super-dose of hyaluronic acid that infuse the skin with a plump, soothing, long-lasting moisture offering up to 48 hours of hydration. Not oily. Gentle on all skin types.

Once I apply this essence, my skin will become white immediately. Leave it alone for a few hours and it will make the skin feel like a velvety silky sensation!

Beautiful product! Strong recipe. I used it with a moisturizer, but I found that some creams peeled off the skin. So maybe you can use it alone.

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