Estee Lauder Micro Essence Treatment Lotion Fresh with Sakura Ferment Review

This product is a micro-essence skin revitalizing care lotion.

Its main purpose is to renew, rebalance and nourish the skin better than ever. It’s an interesting innovation because it’s a 2 in 1 because it blends serum and lotion!

The bottle itself is very luxurious, the bottle has a matte feel and the bottle itself has a good weight which elevates the product experience. I realized that the first ingredient listed on the product was water, which made me trust the product even more.

Since this is a serum and lotion, I decided to replace my old Estee Lauder serum and use this serum, followed by a moisturiser for hydration.

Although I was concerned that the lotion was too watery for me, it actually worked really well for my skin. It dries quickly but does not dry out my skin.

All in all, I do find it works well to keep skin nourished and rejuvenated in winter, so if your skin gets dry in cold weather like mine, I highly recommend this product to you.

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  • $70.00/3.4oz.
  • $122.00/6.7oz.
  • $200.00/13.5oz.


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