Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review

Estee Lauder’s “Late Night Repair Deep Repair Concentrate” is highly praised. When it arrived, I had high hopes that Estee Lauder, from the skin care and makeup field, would bring a formula to “reinvent” skin.

I use it at night when I see acne on my cheeks, and at night when my skin is in good condition. In both cases, the product restored my skin to its original state.

Overnight it also stuck nicely to my skin. When I washed my face the next morning, there was a lot of stuff left on my skin.

With the help of Chronolux SOS technology, this ground-breaking overnight treatment quickly repairs and reshapes the appearance of the skin. 15X concentrated hyaluronic acid was immersed in 24 h continuous water in the form of a multi-molecular weight complex.

It spreads smoothly and absorbs quickly. This is an overnight treatment product that can be used on skin that looks dull or active.

It can be used daily, or until the skin looks better, as a supplement to or substitute for daily serum.

When applied to the skin, the sensation is similar to that of a primer. It’s soft and smooth. Hydrating isn’t as effective as Premium Night Repair Serums, but it’s a great product for restoring or calming your skin.

When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks plump and healthy. It’s like a sleeping mask. You don’t have to rinse it.

It contains chamomile, lavender and dihexanedione, which are designed to aid sleep and relieve stress, but actually have no obvious “smell”. Fermentation is not the best odor component, it masks it without the traditional ‘fragrance’.

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